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You want to make changes in your life? Your clothing will work to make that "Turn over." Our emotions influence the image that we project. The way we feel is strongly influenced by what surrounds us. Whether you are plus size or small size, our "Turnover", as a designer dress, a designer shirt or what ever type of haute couture clothing you choose, will value your personality. The emotions released will project an image of success.

The "Turnover" is unique as you! Each haute couture clothing is crafted unique and versatile. Unique because you will never find two identical designer dresses. Versatile because we use textiles that are fully reversible and the clothing can be wear in different ways.

Each clothing can be wear in different ways, one haute couture dress in your suitcase provides several outfits! Each product comes with a carrying case so you can carry it in your handbag. It does not wrinkle and can be easily stored.

Our designer has a strong education, education taken in Montreal and Paris. She counts many years of experience. You can learn more about her by visiting her website @ www.marele.ca

MY Haute Couture design haute couture clothing which has to be unique, versatile, practical, compact and "turnover". Therefore, the wardrobe of MY Haute Couture respects those characteristics. You are looking for a designer cocktail dress, a designer evening dress, a designer summer dress, a one night dress, a prom dress, a designer shirt, a practical skirt or even a designer pant, you can be sure that the haute couture clothing selected within MY Haute Couture wardrobe will be unique, versatile, practical, compact and will be "Turnover".

Our designer

MY Haute Couture respond to needs of men and women. We also create kit for pets of all size, kit that match your outfit.

You would like MY Haute Couture to make you a design clothing to your specific size, we will be please to respond to your need. 

You would like MY Haute Couture to make a design clothing to your specific need, concept and specific personality, we will be please to respond to your need.

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